About Us

Lejaim Boutique is a company with the objective that you can purchase merchandise with meaningful messages for the world. Whether it's a for you or a gift we believe it should have a message of life. Our vision is also to restore the original design of the creator for us, returning to the organic and the natural, that is why on our website you'll find organic and natural beauty products (line that is soon to be released). As well as jewelry with biblical symbols, clothing and accessories for the Isha, the woman of faith, the woman who returns to Eden, the woman who decides to shine in this time of darkness.


Our Story

The Lejaim Boutique started with a prayer to bring all women of race and age together under God. After seeing so many things that had to be done in our communities, Pastora Johana, Ceo of Lejaim Boutique, decided to dedicate her growing business to these problems. After realizing that race and even age was creating separation and blinding us, Pastora Johana sought out to remind us of the truth that is Yeshua, the Son of God.


Our Progress

Lejaim Boutique is now a growing brand for the virtuous women taking a responsibility of becoming a women of God. With Lejaim Jewelry & Clothing, women of God all around the world are reminded of their truth. This is jewelry & clothing that leads conversation towards God. This is jewelry & clothing that shows you who are those with you on your path to God, seeing the same jewelry on other women. This is jewelry & clothing to honor God.


Feeding The Homeless

With 10% of all proceeds going to the homeless and much more, Lejaim Boutique is about doing everything it can to bring honor to God. Lejaim Boutique gets its name from the Hebrew word meaning, "to life." As God gave us this life in which we seek to honor him, we do so by always giving 10% of our profit and 10% more of our labor.



Joha Lejaim Boutique Messages Of Faith